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Saturday, March 11, 2006


Mood: Hysterical
Listening to: kiss the girl - little mermaid

in my addiction to Dan Brown's work, i answered this like code breaking site.... wow.. astig... and then i came across this very interesting site: and this site made me laugh... sobra.... so what exactly are anagrams? well.. they are a reshuffle of letters in a word to make a new phrase/sentence/word with a different meaning..

for instance:

  • DORMITORY: dirty room
  • DESPERATION: a rope ends it
  • THE EYES: they see
  • SLOT MACHINES: a cash lost in me
  • A DECIMAL POINT: i'm a dot in place

ok.. since you've had the hang of it... you'll be surprised at some of the names i've looked up.. tell me if the anagram matches the person's names...


  • JOHARA BARCEBAL:'Jar abhor a cable.'
  • CHRISTINA CAPERINA: 'Rich, sane patrician.'
  • GRACIELLE DE LEON: 'Clean or idle glee.'
  • MA. ROSARIO LOURDES EM: 'Malodorous, smearier.'
  • GISELLE GERMAN: 'Eager smelling.'
  • MA. MICHIKO SENIR: 'I am shinier mock.'


  • ABIGAIL BAUTISTA: 'It is a bug at labia.' abby, your name means "labia"?
  • MITCHELLE BAGUIO: I'm celibate ghoul.' si mytch celibate?
  • FRANCES CEELIN BENITO: 'Beneficent, censorial.' couldn't have said it better
  • KARL ANTHONY CAMILA: 'Tally-ho! Rank maniac.' isa pa toh!
  • SARAH ANNE DIAZ: 'Hazard as inane.' hazardous sarah.. ayos
  • KARA CEACILIA GABRIEL: 'Icier balalaika grace.' wala kong masabe
  • SARAH JEAN GRUTAS: 'Aha! Just arranges.'
  • JEFFREY MANUEL: 'Feel 'n' jury fame.'
  • JULIENNE ONTUCA: 'Tunnel on a juice.'
  • DANIEL CARLO SORIANO: 'An ideal, corrosional.' carlo, bagay sayo!
  • MELISSA TOTANES: 'Measliest as not.'
  • JEMMA EMERALD ZAFRA: 'Jam alarm mad freeze.' jem, alam kong mas gusto mo ung isa
  • CHRISTOPHER NEX BENAS: 'Inexpert, brash chosen.' not a charade.. but the thought that his anagram says "inexpert" kills me.. ano kaya ssabihin nya pag nakita nya to?


  • MICHAEL AGUILAR: 'Glacial him urea.' wiwi?
  • RENATO ANCAJAS: 'Jar ace on Satan.' renren satanista!
  • MARTIN LEON ANTHONY BANEZ: 'Ha! Not tyrannize nobleman.' tyrant?
  • CHARISSE BRUAN: 'Raunchier bass.' yes.. charisse raunchy!
  • RAUL CANON JR: 'Jocular 'n' ran.' .. parang kiss and run?
  • JASPER PAULUS CANONIGO: 'Jocular as sanguine pop." wla kong naintindihan
  • LUCIA FLORES: 'Careful soil.' out of respect.. i shall not comment
  • HERSHEL GATMEN: 'He's the mangler.' HE?!
  • KATHERINE GONZALES: 'Sleek ignorant haze.'
  • JESUS LAVA III: 'I. Is suave jail.' si third si mr. suave
  • KATHRYN LEBUMFACIL: 'Crankily humble fat.' sori i dunno ur new last name... fat?! sarcastic ba to?
  • AIKEN JUDE LOPEZ: 'Daze lupine joke.'
  • CZARMILJUN MANZA: 'Jazz in carnal mum.' miljun=carnal?
  • ELIZABETH HARRIET MRAZEK: 'Bike rather, I am the razzle.'
  • LAARNI RABAJA: 'A labia ran jar.' labia?!
  • SHEENA RAMOS: 'Shame reason. shame sheena!
  • JOEVANNIE TAN: 'Innovate Jane.' jane?!
  • MA. THERESA TAN: 'Hast man-eater.' haha.. man-eater daw o!
  • DARRYL TECSON: 'Sacredly torn.' wawa ka nman darryl.. pati sa anagram o
  • ELINOR VALERO: 'Evil, rare loon.'
  • BEVERLY ANNE VARGAS: 'Bravely an avengers.'
  • ANNA PATRICIA VELARMINO: 'A primaeval incarnation.'
  • JEFFREY VILLALINO: 'Iffy, venal jollier.'
  • GIANCARLO GEORGE YOROBE: 'Gooey arrogance obliger.' .. haha.. this came from the anagram maker ha!

NASTASSJA ANGELA CZARI: 'Jail crazes nag as Satan.'

NASTASSJA ANGELA CZARI M EUGENIO: ''Ejaculates as amazing reasoning.''

Devilmay mas aastig pa ba sa pangalan ko?! it's demonic and lewd! She-devil